Six Foxes From Six Arrows In Two Minutes - Video of this once in a lifetime hunt

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This is how it started. I decided to go for a whistle with my beautiful partner as my videographer as we were heading to a spot we go to every year. She asked me what had been my personal best for one day. I replied three confirmed foxes Is my best.

As we started to walk down to the same tree we always shoot from, the wind and sun were surely in our favour; then the next step was to make sure everything was right. We started to whistle and within 10 seconds we had the first fox coming in hard to the right. It was out of view from camera, but I got him to come into 20 yards facing straight on. I sent an arrow into his chest and dropped him on the spot. Then just five seconds after that I spotted the next fox and the rest you can see on the video.

So after all this I emptied my quiver of six arrows and got six foxes. I still can't believe it and don't think I will top this any time soon

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