Shooting pigs / hogs on and around a sorghum crop with my 308 Winchester rifle. Bonus invasive feral cats and foxes cop the hammer too.

Steven Rinella and local pig hunting expert, Darren Moore, spend a wild, action-packed day tracking down boars in the thick.

Droned footage of foxes that have zero fear.

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Classic action packed raft trip for pigs, goats and chamois.

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"Inner-city progressives, and the RSPCA, do not have the moral mortgage on compassion for animals in the state of Queensland".

Tom is out to shoot or at least spot three species of deer today. Where he lives, has the habitat for red deer, fallow and roe.

Roy Lupton shows the secrets of fallow buck calling during the fallow rut, and brings the deer in close.

Black Bear Vs Wild Boar uncut.

These are our Iraq Veteran 8888 picks for the Top 5 Mauser Rifles, what would your choices be?

New Zealand's spectacular scenery and game.

Hunter smashes her rifle over head of rampaging wild boar.

Not the sort of thing you want to run into at 100Km/h