As a group of hunters make their way through the African bush, they suddenly find themselves in a fight for their lives after a big male lion attacks, leaving one hunter badly injured.

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Five minutes of quality fox control footage with the ATN 5-20x X-Sight II

The vapour trail can be clearly seen as this billy goat is taken with a 300wsm using 150gr Barnes TTSX

Whether you've been shooting for 40 years or you've never held a gun, this place is everything you've been hoping for in a high tech shooting range.

Phone footage of an Australian water buffalo taking on a boat.

Sharp shooting from 700 yards with the Remington 700 ADL

Trail-cam footage of a deer getting taken by a mountain lion.

Funny video of a shepherd copping a solid hit from his aggressive ram.

This shooter nearly got more than he bargained for with this explosive shot. Darwin Award nomination.

One hunter sneaks up nice and close on a sleeping boar in his kayak

A black bear storms in and swipes a traditional archer as he heads in for a stalk.