This safari tour group got more than they paid for.

Shooting the Enfield No.4 MkI Sniper (faux-T) out to 500 yards with the stand-in Weaver 2.5x scope.

Want to know what happens when politics supersedes science in the management of wildlife? Take a look at this powerful video called “The Unheard Voice” below, and pass it along to your friends.

Lucky that no one was sitting at the back of this boat when a large crocodile strikes from behind.

Barton Ramsey breeds, trains and hunts labs nearly 365 days a year, but he’ll be the first to tell you, “The dogs enhance my life more often than I do anything for them.”

Something you do not see everyday.

A fox only needs a tiny entry point.

The best camo on the market could not compete with this stags choice of concealment.

Nothing beats a good boar charge.

Top 10 Pig Slow Motion Kill Shots.

After waiting for four days, this bull finally showed up to wallow. After being at full draw for over a minute, Travis makes a great shot only to watch the bull fall only 30m away.

A Nymagee farmer tried to save this paddock for the rams but the roos have since destroyed it.

I bet these hunters needed an underwear change after this bear made its presence felt.

Web editor Mike Gibson gives us a look at a high country backpack hunt where they took a trophy sambar stag.

The Maxim was infamously known as the "Devil's Paintbrush"