Kangaroo kicks his way out of the dam.

In this video we take a look at the M1917 Enfield, or P17 as it is better known as and detail this rifle's unique wartime history and take some shots out to 600 yards. Lets just say that this rifle performs. Stay tuned, much more on the way.

European driven boar hunts really bring out the marksmen.

The only product like it on the market today — it’s fast, effective and ultra-convenient compared to traditional cleaning methods. Simply load like a standard round and safely fire. The gun is field cleaned in an instant.

When wild animals get too close for comfort.

This red stag hunt will get the blood pumping.

How to preserve a fox tail for display.

Ever wondered what its like to fire a 700 Nitro Express.

Some excellent workmanship creating this axe from old railway line.

Have a look at this video and be entertained by a couple of beautiful bobcats.

The Krag-Jorgensen, was designed by two Norwegians and also chambered in 6.5x55 Swedish for use by Scandinavian countries military forces of the time.

See a shooter without arms overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to pursue his sport.

'Severe' recoil warning!

Water buffalo swimming a clear river.

Here is a new way to tip a boar.