Rabbits are one of the most widely available, easily harvested, and tastiest species of game.

A quality look at shot placement on buffalo that can carry over to many other species of game.

A perfect example why guns and fishing dont mix.

Good old fashioned fox and rabbit hunting from Victoria Australia.

Calling predators into the Pulsar XP50 Thermal. 50 Clean kills captured through the scope.

A rare trail camera capture of wild dogs attacking a calf in a wallow that is already occupied by a stag.

Hornadys - Advanced. Versatile. Efficient. Effective 6mm ARC - Advanced Rifle Cartridge

Andrew chases and catches a wild goat with his bare hands (as we trail far behind) that we take back to camp to butcher, cook, and eat!

Tony from TG Outdoors takes a sambar stag from 533yds with the 7mm Rem Mag.

When the hunter becomes the hunted.

No fancy movie tricks just full on feral hog and wild dog ONE SHOT ONE KILL action in the Aussie Outback.

Tony heads out in the 2020 Ridgeline Performance range and takes a quality fallow buck.

No effects just genuine compression trails as the bullet travels hundreds of yards out to the target.

Two big red stags getting it on for the hinds.

This young fallow Buck fell to some well timed doe calls during the early rut in Australia.