• Barney Wyatt-Ahh! Canadian Rockies
    Barney Wyatt-Ahh! Canadian Rockies
  • Barney Wyatt-Canuck geese
    Barney Wyatt-Canuck geese
  • Barney Wyatt-Canuck greay squirrel
    Barney Wyatt-Canuck greay squirrel
  • Barney Wyatt-elk by road
    Barney Wyatt-elk by road
  • Barney Wyatt-bull elk
    Barney Wyatt-bull elk
  • Scott Freeman-goat
    Scott Freeman-goat
  • Corey Knight-fox
    Corey Knight-fox
  • Corey Knight-goat
    Corey Knight-goat

Ben's fox cub

It may be a bit blurry, but this urban fox cub is cute as a button and here's the story:

"Hi Marcus check this cheeky young fox out that I whistled up this morning from under a factory behind where I work (eastern suburbs of Melbourne ) Regards BEN."

Ben, like me, always has a fox whistle on his person, or so it seems. Good on you.

Well snapped mate and this is a suitable time, with this "peep-o" image to wish all our readers a merry Christmas and safe and relaxing New Year. We will award more prizes on publication of our first E-newsletter for 2016, when we will be continuing the Ridgeline Photo Comp. Thanks again to Ridgeline for supporting our comp and for your great gear for Aussie hunters. We appreciate it.

Keep 'em coming all you hunters and you could win.

Ridgeline Blaze Hydro Daypack

We now have a new prize schedule with the ever-popular 5-Pocket Buffalo Cam Bum Bag back, the new Blaze Camo Hydro Daypack and the nifty Guerrilla Tacman Folding Knife, just in case you need to help James Bond out in a tight spot.

Guerrilla Tacman Folding Knife

For your chance to win, email me at marcusodean@yaffa.com.au with your best hunting pictures and you'll be in the running for a great hunting knife or backpack or headwear supplied by our generous sponsors, Ridgeline Clothing Australia. Thanks again all you blokes and girls.

Ridgeline 5-Pocket Bumbag



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