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The same chemical used to cure bacon is now the key ingredient to poison baits that are about to be trialled across the Central Tablelands as a new control measure for feral pigs.

The Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill has fortunately hit a massive roadblock, with a parliamentary committee recommending against it in its current form.

As the anti-firearm groups proclaim gun laws are being watered down - this week, we hear the news that a Nerf gun has been registered as a licensed firearm under bizarre new laws.

Police are investigating after a 37-year-old Yarragon man was shot and killed during a hunting incident at Rose River in Victoria's North East.

Police have seized a large cache of weapons including military and semi-automatic firearms following the search of a property at Eubenangee

Duck bag limits increase however there are many questions that GMA still needs to answer for the 2021 season.

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