Ammo & Accessories

Presented by Ridgeline, this DVD from Ben Salleras is a top shelf production about hunting in the Top End.

This advanced, contemporary cartridge is instantly recognisable by its matt-black oxidised finish.

The highest centre-bull count I have ever shot, with any ammo – there were 22 shots through one big ragged hole.

Our editor Marcus and I got to shoot some .223 and .308 steel cased.

The Mindful Carnivore is a book about ethical food choices that tells the story of one man’s seemingly unlikely transition from vegan to hunter.

The old Highland Ax centrefire and rimfire ammo is back, rebadged as PPU and available in a range of chamberings.

Mad Dog's latest offering, 'Ultimate Bow', will help you set up your hunting bow to shoot arrows accurately. Watch a trailer of this informative DVD here!

Want great varmint ammo? Federal now makes it.

Great ammo at good prices.

Federal ammunition specifically made for Australian hunters and shooters.

Series 1 of the ground-breaking hunting TV show Beyond The Divide is now out on DVD. Catch up on the episodes you missed.

Timberline's heavy-duty yet handy knife and hatchet set prove to be good companions.

Cerakote adds colour, strength and life to a firearm. We put a rifle through the process to find out what it's all about.

Aimpoint's tiny Micro H-1 is now available with a smaller red dot, giving you a greater edge when it counts.

The story of Sierra unerringly follows a pattern of development that began back in 1947 when three keen shooters began a chain of unique accomplishments in the jacketed bullet manufacturing field that produced a low-cost perfect product that outdid the finest accuracy of any other factory or commercial bullets of the day.

Serious light in an eenie-weenie package.