Ask Uncle Nick

I'd be wary of trying to soup-up .44 magnum loads too much in that rifle.

You mention the exit pupil, but you don't say how you can actually see it.

Why did Winchester change the trigger on their Classic Model 70?

Wet paper, simply newspaper, fully saturated with water provides a more realistic idea than ballistic gelatin.

I want a good, strong bonded-core bullet that will be reliable on all manner of big game from red deer to eland.

This makes tolerances much tighter and leaves nothing to chance.

It is not only an excellent hunting cartridge, but it has performed well in 1000 yard benchrest competition, NRA Long Range High Power matches, and F-Class competition.

The Lee single-stage press is durable and its price can't be matched by any other brand.

The .338 Federal packs quite a punch and is capable of handling the largest deer.

One of my mates goes to the trouble, but whether he benefits from it, I have no idea.

For shooting goats and deer in open country the .243 Winchester is an excellent Model Seven chambering.

Can you help with a source for a mini-Mauser action?

The .284 Winchester has a larger powder capacity than the smaller 7mm-08.

The gunsmith may have to open up the action rails and feed ramp, but nothing else needs to be done.

I rate the Nosler Accubond as being one of the best controlled expanding bullets available.

I reviewed one and it surprised me how precisely it tracked when I shot the square with it. Variable scope technology has come a long way.