Ask Uncle Nick

I found the 130gn SST deadly on red stag. It is flat shooting and expands quickly and reliably even on smaller fallow bucks.

I detest double-set triggers, which leave a lot to be desired if the heavy front trigger is used on running game. Can it be changed?

Why can't the .45-70 equal the .450 Marlin, since both have straight cases of about the same length and are chambered in similar leverguns? Any tips in regard to reloading? What’s a good load for sambar?

I am sure you'll appreciate the 7mm STW's stretched-string trajectory and sledgehammer punch.

The Model 9422 was carved from blocks of walnut and steel in the good old-fashioned way. I’d say the 9422 was an extremely expensive rifle to manufacture, probably more so than even a Model 94.

These new rifles are very accurate, dependable and smooth functioning, certainly adequate for hunting under normal conditions, as has been demonstrated on countless occasions, especially if the game being hunted is not eager to kill and eat you.

The .44-40 does not even approach offering the bullet weight, velocity or energy of the .44 Magnum. I do not consider a 200gn bullet at 1190fps to have the hitting power of the .44 Magnum which launches a 240gn bullet at 1780fps.

I will take my Winchester Model 70 in .338 Winchester Magnum to Alaska for brown bear and moose. I have been advised to use the 225gn Nosler Partition. Which bullet would you recommend? Can you give me a good load for your choice?

I noticed in your writings that you favour the .22 WMR over the .17 HMR. What are your reasons for this?

Nick offers hand loading advice for the .260 Remington

The Tikka T3x is a fine rifle and in .204 Ruger very flat shooting, capable of reaching out 300yd to drop feral cats.

This load averages only 2880fps, whereas I thought it would be around 3100fps.

A powerful spring-operated air rifle, like the Diana 350 Magnum, generates reverse recoil forces necessitating the mounting of an air-rifle specific scope.

Old timer making.45-70 ammo with a Lee Loader. They go together like peaches and cream.

The .25-20 is a delightful small game cartridge in traditional leverguns.