Ask Uncle Nick

The .284 Winchester has a larger powder capacity than the smaller 7mm-08.

The gunsmith may have to open up the action rails and feed ramp, but nothing else needs to be done.

I rate the Nosler Accubond as being one of the best controlled expanding bullets available.

I reviewed one and it surprised me how precisely it tracked when I shot the square with it. Variable scope technology has come a long way.

The .25 Souper is based on a necked down .308 Winchester case and ballistics should equal the .257 Roberts.

A latter-day iteration of the Remington Model 7.

As for 3-shot groups, unless I already knew that rifle, I'd base nothing on a 3-shot group.

The Redding Ultra Mag is unconventional using a long-link compound-leverage system.

It is based on the .25-35 necked down to .228 calibre - the first truly smallbore high-pressure cartridge.

Where extraction becomes tight, you should back off at least 2 grains of powder.

I call it an "unholy tube".

Most barrels chambered for the .303 Savage are .308" groove diameter but some are as large as .310" requiring the use of .311" bullets.

What was the first 7mm Magnum?

Barnes 225gn TSX at 3016fps dropped running moose in mid-stride. A 220 grainer at 3200fps can reach way out yonder for deer.

When this seal begins to fail (flow), it is a sign that you've reached a maximum load.

I have traced Carl Zeiss illuminated reticles back 100 years to 1921.