Barnes Bullets And Pressure

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Barnes TSX
Barnes TSX

Q: Can you tell me why powder charges with Barnes bullets are usually lighter than they are with other bullets of the same weight and calibre? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are of solid copper construction.
Jason Roberts

A: Making an all-copper bullet in which the lead is totally eliminated makes the bullet longer if diameter and weight remains constant. A longer bullet intrudes deeper into the case, often necessitating a charge reduction. The amount of bearing

Barnes bulletsBarnes Tipped TSX bullets cutaway and expanded.

surface also has an effect, but the body grooves on Barnes Triple Shock bullets reduce the frictional effects, and therefore pressure, created by a long bearing surface. Length then is the determining factor with Barnes-X, but bear in mind that the monometal bullet is 10-percent lighter and, therefore, should be faster.

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