Lead On Deer

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Q: I use a Ruger M77 in .280 Remington. When leading a running deer with Hornady ammo shooting a 150gn ELD-X bullet at 2925fps and swinging with the target at 100 metres, what would the required lead be? Also, how much lead at 200 metres assuming a velocity of about 2600fps? Assume the deer is running straight across in front of you at 30mph.
Rob Williams

A: You are assuming a lot! But if you are swinging out ahead of the deer if you use a lead of about three feet at 100 yards where the remaining velocity is 2760fps, your bullet should hit the deer in the chest. At 200 yards where the velocity has dropped off to 2600 fps the bullet takes .24 second to reach the deer and you'd need to lead him by 10-12 feet in order to make a body hit. Always assuming of course that you have judged the distances correctly. With running shots practice makes perfect, and one can only become good at it through experience. As well, the amount of lead will vary with the velocity of the cartridge and how fast you swing your rifle.

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