Quick-Release Mount For Ruger No. 1

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Warne QR mounts for Ruger No1
Warne QR mounts for Ruger No1

Q: I own a Ruger No. 1 RSI International in 7x57mm Mauser which is fitted with a Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8x36 scope as well as iron sights. It's a good set-up, but I'd like to be able to remove the scope in order to make a fast shot with iron sights. The problem is, it takes a big flat-blade screwdriver WHICH fits the slotted nuts on the Ruger rings in order to remove the scope, but even if I had one in my daypack, it is too slow. Do you know if anyone makes a quick-detachable mount for my rifle?
Edward Hibberd

A: The only Q/D mounts for the Ruger No.1 that I've come across are the Warne Maxima Quick Detach steel rings. Back in 2012 I installed a matte finish, medium height set on my Ruger No.1 in .338 Win. Mag. and they worked perfectly. Quality of manufacture is high, and detach levers are shaped to permit comfortable use, but do not interfere with the rifle in any way. An advantage is the way the levers are "indexable" by simply pulling them out, turning to the desired position, and releasing them. The rings snug down tightly yet are quick to remove. I got Warne mounts for my Mauser 30 Nosler from Rebel Gunworks in Qld, but most of the bigger gunshops should have them.

Ruger Express Rifle with Warne mounted scope
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