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Barnes bullets
Barnes TSX bullets

Do Barnes bullets generate higher chamber pressures than conventional cup and core bullets when handloading? Is there any difference in pressure between TSX and TTSX bullets? Is there any advantage to loading Barnes bullets in my .22-250 which has a 1:12" twist? I also have a SMLE No. 1 and would like a load for it with a Barnes bullet weighing closest to 150 grains. What game should I limit myself to for the loads here and for a .243 with 85gn TSX and .308 with 150gn TSX?

Daryl Brenton

A: The Howa's 1:12" twist will stabilise the excellent Hornady 60gn V-Max bullet which is what I am using in my .220 Wilson Arrow. It will also handle the Barnes 53gn TSX FB.

A good load for the 53gn Barnes is 36.5gn of AR2208 for about 3700fps. Barnes doesn't make .311 bullets for the.303. I suggest using the 150gn Speer with 50gn of AR2209 for 2500fps. This will handle red stag with a well-placed shot.

In the .243 Win. with Barnes 85gn TSX BT try 43gn of AR2209 for about 3200fps. With the Barnes 150gn TSX in the .308 you can load up to 45gn of AR2206 H for 2854 fps or 48gn of AR2208 for 2912fps. These are maximum loads and I suggest you use 2 grains less of AR2208 which should deliver 2800fps.

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