The .308 For Pigs And Deer

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Browning BLR .308 has ample power for pigs and deer.
Browning BLR .308 has ample power for pigs and deer.

Q: I am trying to decide what calibre rifle to buy to hunt pigs that would be powerful enough for deer including sambar. I like lever-actions, especially the Marlin .45-70, but it isn't suited for use at longer ranges, say over 150 metres. The .308 Winchester and .30-06 seem to have very similar ballistics, but the .308 is seldom mentioned as a suitable cartridge for all-round h7unting. Why is this? I have always seen it recommended as being a very accurate and versatile cartridge. I plan on hunting mainly pigs, fallow, red and chital deer, and perhaps sambar. Is there any reason why the .308would not be adequate for all of these animals?
Leland Purcell

A: As you have surmised, there's not a lot of difference in the performance of the .308 and .30-06, particularly when using factory ammo. For many years I used a Remington Model 600 Mohawk in .308 for all my deer hunting and my bag included two sambar. If you prefer a levergun over the other types available, the .308 Browning BLR is the obvious choice. With 150 and 165gn bullets it will do a fine job on pigs and all of our deer species. I should add that all my deer were shot with a 150gn bullet.

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