Spika Earmuffs

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Spika Slimline Pink
Spika Slimline Pink

New Spika branded product is constantly being added to the extensive line of clothing, safes and hunting/shooting accessories Spika are well known for. In recent times recognising the need for hearing protection, they now offer both standard ear muffs and even an electronic model that will suppress noise above 85db.
Firstly, their standard earmuffs are of low profile design and feature comfortable foam cushions with an adjustable headband. So they will adjust down, allowing the kids to wear them and adjustable to full length for adult use or when wearing a cap.

The second model is their Electronic Earmuffs that also feature low-profile ear cups. This electronic model comes complete with 2 x AAA batteries and an automatic shut-off feature after four hours if you forget to turn them off after use. The way they work is simple, they have been designed to amplify noise below 85db and suppress noise over 85db. Another great feature with Spika’s Electronic ear muffs is the fact they also offer a AUX input connection for audio plug-in. To turn them on/off, an intergrated power/volume knob is conveniently located on the right earmuff and doesn’t protrude out like some models. On bulky stocks, this offer firearm clearance when your cheek is low to the stock. Like the Standard model, these also feature a fully adjustable headband and comfortable, low-profile cushioning.
Well priced and well made, the Spika hearing protection range is available through most gun shops Australia wide. Ask to see them at your local or visit www.spika.com.au 

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