Gun Law

Unfortunately, what is ‘unsoundness of mind’ within the meaning of the Act lacks clarity.

The 272-page decision is quite a shocking read.

Toy Guns, Substantial Duplication And The Terrible Mess Of Imitation Firearms.

The bad news for shooters is that there is going to be quite a bit of tightening up at the Registry in Queensland, so I, to ensure that you do not get caught out, use this as a warning to conduct your own compliance audit to ensure that you comply with the law.

The book opens with a comment that the Australian Gun Control debate barely qualifies as a debate at all.

Registry decisions have never been good, but over recent months they have become worse. Now reasoning is not apparent from a primary decision.

If the facts are boiled down, the biggest problems faced by shooters are common with those of people in all heavily regulated areas the world over.

Shooters are familiar with the case of the Riverina farmer who produced an unloaded .22 firearm when faced with home invasion and the hassles that he endured before his licence was reinstated.

Is a bow and arrow illegal in NSW, and the vexed problem of ‘technical breaches’ of the criminal law.

There is considerable uncertainty in the minds of shooters about the circumstances under which children and adolescents can access and use firearms.

No mention of open government, fairness, rationality or effectiveness. The Guidelines actually in the decision-making flow chart asks the decision maker ’Will the decision have a significant impact on public perception of the FR’.

I can find little evidence of Police actually using the Penalty Notice system, indeed there is a lot of ignorance amongst Police that this system actually exists.

The P650 form is proving to be a major problem for the NSW shooting community, as it seems to be used as a means of preventing people from lodging an application, and therefore placing them into an administrative ‘limbo land’.

A well-placed source has advised me that there are moves afoot to ban straight pull firearms by ‘bracket creep’.

What the government has done, is to criminalise being normal.

Criticised for being an attempt at disassociating his title in the public eye from the mess that the NSW Firearms Registry generates.