The beauty of Nick's manual is that it gathers together in one volume the load data from several different powder manufacturers.

Speer's inexpensive hunting Hot-Cor bullets are remarkably consistent in dimensions and performance.

One MatchMaster in Match Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as two ChargeMasters.

Suffering from cabin fever. Now could be a good time to start reloading.

The open scalloped tip on the projectiles tested is sure to cause emphatic kills on game.

Colouring in your bullets - hmmm!

OSA Australia have introduced the new 150gr HP from Sierra, made exclusively for OSA and the Australian market.

Includes five pounds of magnetic stainless steel media

It doesn't take a custom action to produce laser accuracy. In this video they show some tools and techniques to really fine tune your handloads

Available in 90gr 6mm, 130gr 6.5mm, 140gr .270 cal., 165gr 7mm. and 165gr .30 cal.

Woodleigh Bullets are an Australian success abroad and at home.

The Brass Smith 8-station Turret Press also comes with a newly designed straight-line primer feed which is reliable and simple to use.

The final episode of the series sees Rosie reach her conclusion. Watch as she welcomes one last reloading expert to share their knowledge and complete her hand-loaded round!

In this episode, she will be learning the basics of load development. If you're after some advice on powder weights, powder charge and precise measurement then grab a notebook and get watching!

Rosie is joined this week by expert Reloader, Laurie Holland. With Laurie's expert guidance, Rosie will be practising the ins and outs of preparing brass and re-using pre-fired brass cases.

In this episode, Rosie will be learning the essential dos and don'ts of case preparation.