Every Handloader Should Have One

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Q: Can you help me? I have a case stuck solidly in my full-length sizing die? What should I do? My mate suggested belting it out with a close fitting piece of steel rod and a heavy hammer. I had read somewhere that you can use sewing machine oil to lube dies, but it didn't work for me.
John Wilson

A: Whatever you do, don't let your mate try to remove the case with a big hammer. He may wreck the die. Buy an RCBS Stuck Case Remover from your local gunshop, follow the instructions and you'll have the case out in about 20 minutes without harming the die. Extracting a stuck case is easy with one of these RCBS kits, and I think every reloader should have one. On occasion I have been careless myself and stuck an unlubed case in a die, but the RCBS kit always made it easy to get out. But be sure to use a good lubricant for resizing brass cartridge cases, they are so common and inexpensive that it is not worth the risk to experiment with common oils.

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