Hunting Skills

Here are a few attributes and credentials that many land owners may look for when meeting a shooter for the first time.

Hunt for success this Easter.

The Bearded Butchers present the ultimate guide of how to butcher a deer at home without the use of special power tools or commercial equipment. We will teach you how to process a deer and how to ready your deer meat for dinner!

Five tips to maximise success when hare hunting.

The crosshairs would settle upon that greasy, lice infested feral preening itself upon the wires.

Having trouble getting a razor sharp edge? This video will help you get well on the way to a razor sharp edge that lasts.

Some excellent points here to save unnessary range time chasing zeros and accurate loads with easy to avoid errors.

The Gun Shop explains trigger pull with diagrams.

Professional fox skull cleaning from start to finish.

Ex military sniper describes how he cleans his rifle and lets you in on some tips and tricks.

The Riverina Branch of the Australian Deer Association are hosting a gun dog training weekend in New South Wales at Tumbarumba Showground on the 17th and 18th of August 2019.

To stalk an animal to 5 to 25 metres is an exceptional experience and I would recommend it to all hunters.

So, despite my long standing “light-scales” mindset, I have upscaled my car camping checklist to include a few “luxuries” to improve the camping experience.

Seasoned hunting scribe Tony Pizzata is a veteran at calling foxes into close quarters and offers the novice some valuable fox whistling tips and tactics.

Here, Margaret Botha, South African professional hunter and owner of Heart of SA Woman Hunt & Conservation, explains 10 important tips to help us get closer to our prey.

Hunters explain how they learned to fully process a deer in less than 10 minutes.