In Australia

Father, son and nephew team up in the cold hills to hunt goat, while "glamping" in "The Humpy".

After walking for about 25 minutes I was just ambling along when a wild Dog walked out onto the track 200 yards ahead of me

Pigs' anatomy differs from other quadrupeds; this necessitates different shot placement for effective one-shot kills.

Who can remember the magic of their first hunting trip?

The NSW Government are changing animal welfare laws to suit the animal rights agenda. These changes will destroy HUNTING and FISHING in NSW. Sign this petition to end this legislation.

This put him at about 40 paces away, my turn to mark MY territory.

Sometimes you just have to decide on a course of action ... and forge on, regardless.

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September to March is the best period in which to hunt camels in Australia.

I have put a few photos of some of the sights in this story to give you some idea of the special place it is.

While we were eating lunch we spied a mob of goats around 1 km away over a few ridges.

I just needed to come up a few combinations that would prove accurate and perform well on game.

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We (my hunting partner and I) had bought two new tools. Alex’s antiquated but beautiful side by side BSA 12 Gauge and a simple $1.50 fox whistle.

The Hunting Club recently launched in Australia and they have already given away a bag full of prizes and their first guided red deer hunt.

Soon I was on my stomach pushing my rifle ahead of my and slowly grovelling my way closer.