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Don’t sit around moping in between hunts for bigger game. Small game provides some fantastic opportunities to get out among the action. You’ve really got no excuse!

Australian-owned NIOA has just released information around their 100 per cent acquisition of Sportways Distributors.

This is a story of patience, perseverance and teamwork. I’d been hunting sambar an area in the Alpine National Park regularly over the past three years with little to no success. It was time to hit the back country.

Steve has already started putting his knowledge, skills and passion to work, speaking with other shooting groups, MPs, and gun owners to help formulate an effective and practical response to the shocking situation in WA.

Mick was in his element; out bush, hunting in the company of a pair of modest (we don’t know the meaning of the word) modern-day hunting legends.

It took some doing after fferal goats suddenly became a commercial commodity, but Brett Beesley put a mate onto a billy all his own.

Dario Borteletti was charged by the first buffalo he ever hunted but stood his ground and kept shooting as the bull closed the distance.

Gary Hall is back with another piss-taking yarn about hunting big boars in prime croc country with his dubious crew.

When you only have eyes out for game, you may miss other participants in the hunt. Safety first.

There are any number of fun ways that the keen hunter can go after foxes.

A roaring red can make a hunter exhibit all the signs of "buck fever".

Father, son and nephew team up in the cold hills to hunt goat, while "glamping" in "The Humpy".

After walking for about 25 minutes I was just ambling along when a wild Dog walked out onto the track 200 yards ahead of me

Pigs' anatomy differs from other quadrupeds; this necessitates different shot placement for effective one-shot kills.

Who can remember the magic of their first hunting trip?

The NSW Government are changing animal welfare laws to suit the animal rights agenda. These changes will destroy HUNTING and FISHING in NSW. Sign this petition to end this legislation.