Stretching the Tape - Dallas Goldspink - Record Billy

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Hunter Name: Dallas Goldspink

Species: Billy Goat

Date Taken: 2015

Location: Central West NSW 

Rifle: Howa 1500  

Calibre: .308Win 150gr Federal Soft Point

Measurement: 48.5 Inch


Dallas took this goat on a Central West NSW A property he used to have access too. The propert held some very handy goats. They did get poached but for some reason there were still some very large ones around.

"This particular time I was driving into the property. I wasn’t ready as they were usually further in but on this particular day they were close and screamed across the road and down towards the bluff country".

"I quickly grabbed all my stuff and started to sneak over. As I got closer I could hear this tap tap noise. I turned around and with the binos looked for the noise and watched this big white billy hitting trees as he walked along the game trail".

"With the wind in my favour I let him walk towards me and took the shot at 20m. After the shot I could hear the other goats still on the bluff so I snuck over and I didn’t pick a particular animal but there was a mob of around 30 billies. I just shot the first one to step clear of the mob. I had secured two very nice billies, a 48.5 and 38 incher 10 minutes apart".

"Due to the heat and the long drive home I didn’t cape out the billies. Around 12 months later I shot a lot smaller billy with big bases that had a great multi-colour cape".


The mounted Billy


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