In Australia

The ring necked pheasant is a worthy, swift-winged game bird which is delectable table game.

How many trophy pigs can one bowhunter get? Brenton Mitchell tells how.

April Sporting Shooter is choc-a-bloc with amazing overseas and local stories.

The partnership will see us support their live broadcast of the Performance Series shotgun events which commence with the Yarra Valley Grand Prix at Melbourne Gun Club between March 26 – 28.

Inching forward towards the tree, there was little between us and the bull now.

Good hunts are never easy hunts in my books, the more twists and turns the better, the green clearing stag definitely gave Murray and Daz a hunt they will long remember.

It's fallow season and we show you how to get the big bucks in March Sporting Shooter magazine.

Shooters Union of Australia is advocating for a return of a NSW Duck Hunting Season

This is Dick's first novel and it was a read I found hard to put down because it sings of his relationship to its land and people. It is clear that he holds the bush deep in his heart.

Read about a great public land hunting program in The Territory.

Shooters comprised the majority of survey respondents and projections to this cohort accounted for the majority (73%) of the national estimate of feral cats killed.

Hog deer were introduced into Australia in 1866 by acclimatisation societies for hunting.

They had been losing new calves to wild dogs at an unacceptable rate.

SHOOTERS Union is stepping up its presence in New South Wales with the appointment of Craig Golding as their state co-ordinator.

A quick walk around and through the little green island confirmed my suspicions - deer scat and prints everywhere.

Small soft cover. Written and fully illustrated in watercolour by Glenn McLean