A man was sentenced to jail at Orange Local Court after police found photos of him posing with guns and videos of an illegal hunting trip on his mobile phone.

The June 2021 edition of Sporting Shooter Magazine is out now.

These areas would be perfect for recreational hunting to be used as a tool to control and maintain numbers.

The same chemical used to cure bacon is now the key ingredient to poison baits that are about to be trialled across the Central Tablelands as a new control measure for feral pigs.

The Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill has fortunately hit a massive roadblock, with a parliamentary committee recommending against it in its current form.

As the anti-firearm groups proclaim gun laws are being watered down - this week, we hear the news that a Nerf gun has been registered as a licensed firearm under bizarre new laws.

Police are investigating after a 37-year-old Yarragon man was shot and killed during a hunting incident at Rose River in Victoria's North East.

Police have seized a large cache of weapons including military and semi-automatic firearms following the search of a property at Eubenangee

Duck bag limits increase however there are many questions that GMA still needs to answer for the 2021 season.

Every six months, John Howard reminds Law Abiding Firearm Owners that he still wants your guns.

One-third of the feral horses trapped in the park since July have been released back into the wild by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

May 2021 Sporting Shooter is now on the newsstands.

The study beleives the lead bullets are harming wedgetail eagles.

The RSPCA continues to work towards the banning of bowhunting across Australia sighting the latestest native animal bow death.

A study published this week examined 5000 genetic samples from wild dogs.

As crocodile numbers explode and attacks become more common, controlled hunting or tags to hunt these prehistoric predators has once again been suggested.