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With the announcement of what other sports may or may not be included being held off until after the election, we cannot afford to let the government exclude shooting.

The Australian Junior Women’s Trap Team has won bronze at the ISSF World Cup Junior in Suhl, Germany.

Australian shooters can ensure their vote in the federal election goes to the most gun-friendly candidates in their electorates. How To Vote Pro-Gun website rates all candidates based on their policies or position over firearms-related issues.

Sustainable management of game animals and hunting for recreation, commerce and conservation.

Pre-poll voting opened today for the Federal Election 2022.

A Spika gun safe has recently copped a real-world test over in Ukraine from Russian soldiers.

A new online jobs platform has been created exclusively for the Australian firearms industry, and it’s free for job seekers and employers. SIFA Jobs launched to help the local firearms trade find talented people to fill vacancies in all areas.

The Firearms Registry has failed to serve firearms owners for many years and made us scapegoats for their administrative errors.

There are a million and one reasons farmers, fishers, hunters, shooters and outdoors people should not vote for the extreme left Greens; however, they have made it very easy by outlining their intentions as a party.

The wait is over. NSW DPI Hunting has just launched the new modernised R-Licence Accreditation Course that can be taken either online or face to face with a Hunter LEAP Trainer.

DEFENCE Minister Peter Dutton’s comments earlier this week that Australia should “Prepare for war” have prompted one of the country’s largest shooting organisations to declare that it’s time for a rethink about firearm restrictions as a result.

Duck hunters using lead shot will lose their hunting licence. Non-toxic shot types permitted for use in Victoria are included in the article.

News of his latest temporary ban caused dismay amongst his (mostly pro-farming) supporters. One said: “That’s the trouble with today’s youngsters, so easily offended!”

Helicopters equipped with thermal imaging cameras will be used for the first time to monitor deer numbers.

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