Deer Hunting In Tasmanian National Parks

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The Tasmanian State Government announced it will allow hunting in national parks, including the South-West Wilderness World Heritage Area.

The Government has tasked the Parks and Wildlife Service to identify additional areas where shooters can hunt deer.

“We are delivering on our policy to provide opportunities for appropriately licensed and registered shooters to hunt wild fallow deer in national parks, the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, conservation areas, regional reserves and/or game reserves,” the Government said in a statement.

“Responsible recreational hunters play a positive role in conservation and wildlife management, complementing professional control programs.

“Recreational hunting permits in our parks and reserves will be limited to designated areas away from those areas frequented by visitors, and informed by the statewide deer population census.”

The Government also announced the new members of the Tasmanian Game Council, which will be chaired by former Western Tiers MLC Greg Hall.

Hopefully, the other States can see the value in the opening up National Parks for hunting and follow suit. This is a huge step forward for Tasmanian hunters.

If NSW is anything to go off, we can expect a massive backlash from the Anti-firearm and hunting groups.

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