Elmer Fudd Stripped of Rifle

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Elmer Fudd will not be blasting his 83yo bunny hunting rifle ever again after the "Looney Tune Cartoon" series reboot has made the series gun-free.

Warner Bros has dropped all guns and yes old mate Yosemite Sam has also lost his firearms licence. While their outfits remain the same, both will no longer be carrying guns.

Instead, Fudd now possesses a shiny and sharp-looking scythe. The executive producer and showrunner of the show, Peter

Browngardt, confirmed the change during an interview with the New York Times last month.

Angered Looney Tunes fans rushed to Twitter in wake of the news airing their grievances at the show’s producer, with many asking how Fudd was going to hunt down Bugs Bunny.

The revelation resulted in a major divide among fans, with many condemning Looney Tunes for taking away the “Second Amendment pioneers‘” “trusty” weapons, while others praised the show for making the change for a “modern audience” who might be potentially be triggered by gunfire as a result of mass shootings all across the world.

Out of control US gun violence was sighted as the reasoning behind the decision: “We’re not doing guns,” the executive producer of the new series, Peter Browngardt, told the New York Times.

We can only hope Marvin the Martian can still use his gamma ray "gun". 


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