Greens Senator calls for dogs to be shot

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An army sniper should be used to stake out a beach in Tasmania's north-west to protect penguins against dog attacks, says Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

According to an article on the ABC website, dogs have been blamed for the recent deaths of 14 little penguins. Their remains were found at the Stanley penguin viewing area on Sunday night.

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said it was time to take drastic action. "It think it is the only thing we can do here," he said.

"Our party has spoken to Parks and Wildlife, and we need to do what they did in Sydney and bring in a sniper, an army sniper.

Senator Whish-Wilson said dog owners should be warned in a letter drop that their dogs will be shot if found wandering alone on the beach.

"If your dogs are going to be down there, they're going to get shot, this is what we've had to do in other areas," he said.

After initially choosing not to comment on the proposal, a spokeswoman for Tasmania Parks and Wildlife (PWS) came out and rejected the shooting option.

"We aren't considering [Senator Whish-Wilson's] suggestion. PWS will continue to work with the local community and authorities to investigate this attack and identify ways of reducing attacks in the future," she said.

"However, we do remind all dog owners to look after them responsibly and ensure they aren't able to wander without supervision."

You can read the full article HERE.

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