How to Vote Pro Gun Phone and PC App - QLD Election Guide Included

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For Queenslanders, the State Election is on Saturday, October 31 and pre-polling began on October 19. This is the perfect time to have a pro gun voting application for iphone, android and PC.. 

After an incredible amount of work from the Shooters Union team, they are proud to launch the first-ever pro-shooting voting app in Australia; How To Vote Pro-Gun.

The free app provides a range of tools to help shooters and supporters with pro-gun voting, including finding out which electorate they are in and providing suggestions from Shooters Union on which candidates they should vote for.

The free app is available for Computer, iPhone and Android devices and you can access it via the Apple Store or Google Play Stores, or by following these links:


Right now the app only includes information for the 2020 Queensland Election - voting information other State and Federal elections will be added as they happen

The app is available to everyone, not just Shooters Union members – so please, spread the word far and wide and make our collective voice heard!


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