Hunter Charged and Gored by Buffalo

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ABC Radio Darwin interviewed Danny Vanbrugh, who was hunting in a secret location south of Darwin when the buffalo incident occurred.

Mr Vanbrugh had shot the beast and believed it to be dead as he tracked it into heavy grassland.

"He went into thick scrub and he sort of came down from the side," he told ABC Radio Darwin's Adam Steer, describing the moment the buffalo caught him unaware.

"[Then] he just came back up to me and drove me into the ground where it gave me a bruised kidney, collapsed lung, bruised back and suspected spinal fractures."

Pinned by the beast, Mr Vanbrugh seized an opportunity to escape when the buffalo's horn flicked him into the air.

A fellow hunter then shot the beast before applying a tourniquet to Mr Vanbrugh's heavily bleeding arm and embarking on the two-and-a-half-hour journey to the nearest hospital.

"The boys kept me there, kept me pretty calm and gave some fluids to me," Mr Vanbrugh said. 

"I was going into a bit of shock; there was a fair bit of pain there."

As he entered the third week of his recovery, Mr Vanbrugh issued a warning to other hunters.

"I've had close calls before, with charges and things like that, It’s the first time I’ve been attacked. I can’t wait to get out of hospital and start hunting again. It’s what I do. That’s why I was up here in the Northern Territory- to do some demonstrations and show some hunters a few things.’

After the experience Danny has shared his thoughts for future buffalo hunts. "Don't go in after a wounded animal. Wait an hour or so and then go in.

"We rushed it a little bit."

He said he intends to have the animal's horns mounted once he has recovered.

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