Hunters Helping Farmers - Bales for Boars

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The current drought of 2018 in some drought-affected areas is the worst on record and still no end in sight for our poor struggling farmers.

The government has released a $12000 lump sum payment for farming families, but that is only a short-term relief.

$12000 is not much more than a semi load of hay which could only last a couple of weeks depending on how much stock they are feeding. 

The average grain feeder can hold around a ton of grain, and the average pig can eat around 2 to 3kg of grain a night. So when a mob of 20 to 30 pigs are on one feeder, it does not take long to empty.

Also, they have been seen pushing stock away from the feeders especially this time of year when sheep have just finished lambing, so they need all the feed they can get.

The farmer already has enough on their plate without sitting on a feeder all night chasing away pigs to make sure the sheep get a feed.

That's where us pig hunters can step in and give a hand.

To all you hunters living in the city’s, suburbs and significant towns that spend their weekends outback chasing pigs. Load up your utes with hay Instead of taking your quad or buggies. Take a load of hay to the farmers property that you hunt on.

Every bit will help and will be much appreciated.

If all hunters support the farmers that support us, we can get threw this terrible drought together.



By Sarah Johnson - Hay, NSW

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