Hunters Set Their Sights on RSPCA

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Today the Weekly Times published an article titled ‘Hunters Set Their Sights on RSCPA’. The article relates to a joint submission made to the RSPCA’s ongoing internal review board from Field and Game Australia and the Australian Deer Association.

Victorian Hunters have accused the RSPCA of becoming “radicalised” and moving away from its traditional roots.

Back in June Victorian Shooters and Fishers Party MP Jeff Bourman tabled a notice in Victoria’s Upper House asking the Economy and Infrastructure Committee, of which he is a member, to hold the second inquiry separate to the RSPCA’s internal review

The Australian Deer Association posted on the article:  

“The RSPCA are abusing their social license by partnering with extremists like Animals Australia. Animal welfare is everyone's business, animal rights is an extremist doctrine that would deny all hunting, fishing and agriculture. We want the 'real' RSPCA back!”

Hunters are calling for the RSPCA to be stripped of its “priviledged” powers. The submission says the rise of animal rights groups such as Animals Australia, PETA and Animal Liberation has meant more competition for donations. TheIn turn causing the RSPCA to become more radical.

The submission said that the RSPCA had a conflict of interest in accepting government funding  and then campaigning against the legal duck hunt.

The RSPCA is no friend to the Recreational Hunter. Below is an extract straight from the RSPCA website

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