New poison has antidote for dogs but kills quolls, goannas

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An antidote is the major benefit of a new poison designed to deal with wild dogs and foxes, to be released by the end of the year.

Unlike 1080, a new posion designed to kill foxes and dogs can also kill quolls and goannas.

According to an article in The Land, the new PAPP bait is ideal for landholders who are concerned about using 1080 poison. 

And according to Local Land Services team leader of invasive species and plant health, Tim Seears, it is a more humane option.

“The PAPP bait changes haemoglobin to methaemoglobin, which can’t carry oxygen in the blood,” he said.

“It is more humane because they just become lethargic, and then just lay down.”

The poison comes in manufactured baits, but according to the Intensive Animals CRC wild dog facilitator Greg Misfud, its purpose is not to replace 1080 baits.

“It is a complimentary tool,” he said.

Mr Misfud said the beauty of the PAPP bait was that there was an antidote in case a working dog or pet accidentally ate one of the baits.

“Owners need to recognise symptoms, and get the animal to the vet within 30 or 40 minutes,” he said.

NSW Farmers Western NSW wild dog coordinator Bruce Duncan said PAPP baits could be used closer to urban areas because of the use of the antidote.

But Mr Duncan, who runs wild dog management and training programs, said landholders needed to be careful where they placed PAPP baits because, unlike 1080 baits, they could kill non-target native species such as quolls and goannas.



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