RSPCA Opposes Legal Pig Hunting in Australia

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Its no secret that Australia’s very own Government funded "animal welfare" organisation the RSPCA  would have all forms of hunting shut down tomorrow if they had their way. The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party of Queensland shared a letter from the RSPCA outlining just their stance on hunting and in particular hunting pigs with dogs. 

 The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party of Queensland have asked all hunters to make your feelings felt. 

"Why don't you call the RSPCA Qld Inspectorate on 07 3426 9999. Let them politely know your thoughts on this matter."

"This sort of behaviour from the RSPCA is downright disgusting and really emphasises why in our view they should be stripped of government funding and powers".

"The current system allowing a private organisation with such clear political goals to undertake law enforcement activities represents a clear and present danger to hunters, fishers and farmers across the state".

For an organisation that kills more animals in Australia than any hunter it really needs its head pulled in when it attacks legal hunting endeavours. Its doggers now and rifle hunters tomorrow.  



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