UN Anti-Meat Preaching - Stark Raving Mad

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2GB Reporter Chris Smith on radio

Scientists from the United Nations-run Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are meeting in South Korea to debate policy to combat climate change.

And Sydney radio station 2GB picked up on the story and one aspect of it that condemn the world to dietary poverty, that of phasing out the consumption of meat and the breeding of cows, due to their flatulence. This correspondent reckons there's more flatulence coming out of the UN than a million cows, so maybe they should shut up shop and save the world from their pontifications and gross feather bedding and expense.

You can catch up on the story on the 2GB website here.

No meat in a brave new world
No meat in a brave new world


The audio of the Chris Smith show which broke this story can be listened to at the Chris Smith Show.


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