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Many NSW Forests closed to all visitation due to flooding.

The RSPCA is currently pushing the ban bow hunting agenda again in South Australia.

A 39yo women who put two dogs on a pig has been handed a $5000 fine.

South East Local Land Services biosecurity teams will use aerial surveillance across south-east NSW in coming months to improve their understanding of feral animals numbers and movements following the southern fires.

Spika recently released their latest camouflage pattern called BIARRI. The latest camouflage pattern was designed at Spika headquarters and is 100% Australian designed and owned.

After a successful 18 month bow fishing trial the NSW government has opened the door to legalise bowfishing for carp across the state.

WAPol's are of the opinion they know more about pest control than professional pestcontrollers.

This program is a direct slap in the face to Licensed hunters. The LLS believe that hunting does not control deer numbers on State forest

Deer reported to be "cultivating" the growth of olive trees in the Adelaide Hills.

By the end of winter close to one million foxes will have been killed and a bounty collected in Australia's only government reward scheme of its type.

Parks Victoria have announced Monday to Friday closures of iconic sambar hunting locations throughout the Alpine National Park and surrounding Parks. Maps and Dates.

Animal Justice Party’s Andy Meddick is using pictures of a cockatoo with a target arrow through it to push the Government into banning bows and bowhunting across the state

“This strike force aims to tackle illegal hunting through shared intelligence and joint operational deployments.”

The noose is tightening on all hunting in Australia. A heavily reduced token duck season is a glimpse of what is coming to hunters Australia wide.

An explosion in kangaroo numbers across Victoria will pave the way for this national icon to be put on the menu for human consumption.