While Victorian hunters are still locked down a sambar stag has decided to check out what is the ghost town of Melbourne.

I don’t get many messages like this, although my record for “death threats” from animal rights and anti-hunting extremists is 88 in one 24-hour period. Jim Shockey.

Andy Meddick MP has defended his presence at Lake Connewarre over the weekend as wildlife rescuers converged on the area during the statewide lockdown.

The Environment and Communication Committee, which took three-years to investigate the issue, estimated the annual cost to agricultural businesses from deer, pigs and goats "runs into hundreds of millions of dollars".

No mention of recreational hunting, even though last time I checked, they kill many deer.

Two weeks of aerial culling at Budj Bim cultural site has netted 1100 deer and pigs in one of the world's oldest aquaculture sites.

Hunters should rightly be concerned that serious efforts by GMA are underway to restrict duck hunting in Victoria.

A man was sentenced at Orange Local Court after police found photos of him posing with guns and videos of an illegal hunting trip on his mobile phone.

The June 2021 edition of Sporting Shooter Magazine is out now.

These areas would be perfect for recreational hunting to be used as a tool to control and maintain numbers.

The same chemical used to cure bacon is now the key ingredient to poison baits that are about to be trialled across the Central Tablelands as a new control measure for feral pigs.

The Firearms and Weapons Legislation Amendment Bill has fortunately hit a massive roadblock, with a parliamentary committee recommending against it in its current form.

As the anti-firearm groups proclaim gun laws are being watered down - this week, we hear the news that a Nerf gun has been registered as a licensed firearm under bizarre new laws.

Police are investigating after a 37-year-old Yarragon man was shot and killed during a hunting incident at Rose River in Victoria's North East.

Police have seized a large cache of weapons including military and semi-automatic firearms following the search of a property at Eubenangee