Barnes new breed of hunting bullet offers devastating killing power at long range. They are the most versatile X-Bullet of all.

THE PREMIUM BARNES X-BULLET has progressed through four design stages to become the MRX (Maximum Range X-Bullet). It now joins an elite category of super-premium bullets which includes such outstanding performers as Nosler’s E-Tip, Winchester’s XP-3 and Speer’s Trophy Bonded Bear Claw. Referring to a “Super Premium” big game bullet means one that gives extraordinary performance as measured by penetration, controlled expansion, and weight retention, in each and every instance. Regardless of the demands made on the bullet, it must also be accurate, but there’s a lot more to the perfect hunting bullet than simply accuracy. The most important feature is impact performance at velocities which vary widely as the range increases. For big game the balance between penetration and expansion is critical, but so is high weight retention which is important to maintaining momentum.

For many years now, Barnes X-bullets have been the first choice with serious trophy hunters going overseas. These homogeneous copper bullets were tough enough to hold together under high impact velocities without breaking up like conventional jacketed lead-core designs.

However, while some barrels would handle them without any problems, others with atight or rough bore fouled badly, and often too, accuracy was less than acceptable.

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