Loaded with a new type of propellant, Hornady’s new Superformance ammo sets a new ballistic benchmark for increased velocity and efficiency. It makes standard cartridges perform like magnums.

Hornady emerged from virtual obscurity to set the ammunition industry on its ear. First they revolutionized the world of rimfire cartridges by introducing the .17 HMR and .17 Mach 2, before starting a rollercoaster ride with new centrefire cartridge developments which included the .204 Ruger, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 and .338 Marlin Express, .30 T/C, and .30 and .338 Ruger Compact Magnums, .450 Bushmaster, .460 Smith & Wesson, .450 Marlin. 375 Ruger, .416 Ruger, .376 Steyr, and .458 Lott. Without stopping to draw breath, they reintroduced such old favourites as the .220 Swift, 9.3x74R, .405 Winchester, .450/.400 3-1/4 inch and .500 Nitro Express.

Perhaps even more amazing was Hornady’s innovative LEVERevolution ammunition series, combining the FTX (Flex Tip Expanding) bullet that, for the first time, made it possible to use pointed bullets safely in traditional leverguns with tubular magazines. These aerodynamic bullets driven by light magnum propellant technology increased velocities and downrange performance, to give so-called brushguns a new lease on life.

Nor were were Hornady’s achievements limited to ammunition. They designed a new lead-free, homogenous copper-zinc alloy expanding monolithic bullet called the GMX (Gilding Metal Expanding) made from the same gilding metal Hornady uses to make its bullet jackets. Unlike solid copper bullets, the GMX expands reliably at speeds as low as 2000fps for long range expansion and up to 3400fps or more to withstand close range impact from the super magnums. It expands to 1-1/2 times its original diameter and boasts 95 percent weight retention. For really big stuff that bites back,Hornady offers the DGS copper-clad Solid and the DGX (Dangerous Game Expanding) a copper-clad, steel-cored bullet with high-antimony lead core designed to give maximum penetration on larger soft-skinned dangerous game like lions.

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