A competition for the best of the best long range shooters.

Americans have all the cool toys and love blowing things up with them.

Gabe, Raz and Thomo head out chasing roaring red stags. This hunt was seriously action packed with the boys bagging 2 unreal trophy’s.

Tuff Buff - Check out this water buffalo at Kakadu having a crack at some crocs trying to turn him into lunch.

SOLO HNTR TV is a self-filmed documentary of extreme hunting adventures through the eyes of the HNTR. No production crews and no camera man.

Instructional taxidermy guide to getting your trophy buck or stag to the taxidermist for mounting.

Quail Hunt 2021 in Victoria, Australia With Trained English Pointers.

Its that time of the year again. There is nothing quite like the sound of a red stag roaring.

25 Kills shots from European boar hunts.

A delicious wid boar sandwich snack.

New Zealand's rabbit populations are out of control.

Paul Childerley is after more than one for the pot. He is protecting crops and preparing the rabbits he shoots for the game dealer. He also offers a masterclass in presentation and skinning rabbits.

World Champ Shotgunner Dania Vizzi is back with more amazing trick shots! Marvel at her talent!

Thermal shooting to reduce problem foxs.

Aiming behind the shoulder. A pig's vitals are lower and farther forward than a deer, therefore a shot behind the shoulder will typically miss the heart and lungs and result in a run-off.