Robbie Katter - Sets the Record Straight for Shooters and the Over Reach of The RSPCA

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Inner-city progressives, and the RSPCA, do not have the moral mortgage on compassion for animals in the state of Queensland.
In fact I would argue it is people in the outback who overall have the most contact with, the best understanding of and the most care and compassion for all creatures great and small.
They are also the people most connected with reality, including what uncontrolled pest species like pigs, feral cats and wild dogs do to our environment and biosecurity.
We learned a couple of weeks ago that the Palasczuk Labor Government is teaming up with the RSPCA to imminently deliver major changes to Queensland's Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.
Some of these changes will no doubt be due and will serve our state well, however we need to remember we should not legislate for the lowest common denominator in society.
I am deeply concerned about over-reach and what further demonisation we will see of those who don't side with radical progressives who believe animal rights trump human rights and that we should all move to a meat-free future.
We need to remember this is all part of a much bigger picture.
I addressed some of these issues in the Queensland Parliament yesterday afternoon.
- Robbie Katter MP 
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